Whether you like NewRocks because of its unique design, its remarkable quality that ensures a long lifetime, or their amazing comfort in walking is up to you. But one thing is certain:

"Anyone who has ever worn NewRocks will never want to wear other shoes."

360° Welt This is another exclusive refining that New Rock uses in its products. This system consists of a single seam that goes all around. Thereby a perfect and robust interaction between the shaft, the inner sole and the sole is achieved. On some models, this seam is sewn on the bottom of the sole, which makes for a perfect attachment to the shoe / boot.
Anatomic Insole These anatomically-designed insoles are made from recycled cork. Their form is simple but very important. They adapt to the contours of the foot like a glove.
Blake Construction This is a high quality processing technology. When the stem is attached it is stitched directly to the sole and ensures a longer life of the shoe / boot.
Breathable Insole The latest technology in breathable materials - our insoles are a recycled carbon compound that optimizes the relation between shock absorption and breathability. The result is a different materials far superior level of performance.
Comfort Last Our comfort forms have an angled contour that is adapted to the natural shape of the foot. By studying the anatomical shape of the foot, we have created forms that reflect our natural contours.
Comfort Plus System Hand Sewn - Injected anatomical sole, non-deformable and flexible with multiple air chambers. Walk even on any surface. Protection against water and cold. We produce soles of rubber, polyurethane, leather and featherweight EVA. We also offer comfort and style to dress in any way. Our biggest mistake is that our products last almost forever.
Exclusive Hand Finish Each item is personalized indivdually: brushed and grease per hand with Italian creams and patent leather creams.
Exclusive Leather Selected types of leather for special fashion: patent leather, metallic Ilgraphitell, ostrich leather etc
Good Year Welt System This manufacturing process is the most respected and most resistant in the world. The quality of materials and the manufacturing process have been trimmed to the latest and most modern technologies.
GY Construction System Removable insole: Made of leather and antibacterial - comfort plus. Insole: Molded with perforations for transpiration and the bootleg for stability. Sole made of genuine leather and non-slip natural rubber. All of these materials, including the leather and the lining are glued and sewn completely to the inside of the shoe / boot. Heel: High quality non-slip natural rubber, bolted double from inside and outside, with laser engraved logo.
Hand Made This is a high quality production. The bootleg is mounted by hand to ensure the highest quality of construction.
Integral Stitching The bootleg is stitched directly to the insole. This raises comfort, flexibility and durability of the shoes / boots.
Leather Outsole Leather soles for better walking comfort.
Limited Edition Limited product with a unique serial number.
Natural Rubber Soles The sole is resistant to oil, acid, grease and gasoline. Multipoint shock absorption: the correct order of the points is very important to be able to absorb the pressure for comfortably walking. Natural rubber is flexible and easily absorbs steps, but completely returns to its original shape and thickness and is more durable than synthetic materials. This results in comfortable, resistant and very durable soles. Moreover, natural rubber degrades much faster than synthetic materials, after it has served its time. Nature is always much faster absorbing what it created once. Air chamber sole: optimal distribution of air chambers for a more comfortable result.
Natural Leather Natural material. Hand-dyed, tanned and greased. Any scratches or small imperfections in the material are strongly encouraged to generate changes in the shade of the color and demonstrate the high quality of the product, which makes it unique and valuable.
Removable Insole The foot-shaped insoles can be replaced. This is an advantage especially for people who need orthopedic insoles.
Steel Toe Officially Approved System: EN12568:1998. By the steel cap an extremely good protection of the toes and forefoot is achieved. It protects against bumps and falling objects.
TPU Soles The sole is resistant to oil, acid, grease and gasoline. Multipoint shock absorption: the correct order of the points is very important to be able to absorb the pressure for comfortably walking. Moreover, the sole has an outstanding grip on slippery floors. TPU is a material of the latest generation with maximum durability and flexibility. It is recyclable and features multiple air chambers which increases comfort while walking.
Vegan Construction Only vegan materials. Completely free of animal products.